About Me


Hello Friends, and welcome to Elysian Acres Soap! I'm Amy, the soapmaker responsible for everything you see in this store. I live on a small hobby farm on the beautiful Colorado Plains with my husband and 3 young sons, and it's truly my little slice of heaven. 

I made my first batch of soap in 2017, and at the time it was simply a way to use up the extra goat milk I had in my refrigerator. I had a lovely goat named Alice, and she provided us with such an abundance of creamy milk that I didn’t want to go to waste. Even after making cheeses, and yogurt, and pudding, and cajeta, and EVERYTHING else I could possibly think to make with it, I decided to give goat milk soapmaking a try, and I was hooked! Of course soaping with milk is quite a bit trickier than soaping with water alone, and I jumped right in to a more advanced skill as a beginner, so my first few batches of soap were really pretty terrible! I’m not the type of person who is just fine with doing something terribly, so I kept pushing myself to make more batches and make better soap. After a while, I had developed a product that I was really proud of, so Elysian Acres Soap was born, with Alice’s face as my logo.

I hope that you will love these products that I have thoughtfully crafted with ingredients that matter. My number one goal in soapmaking is to create art that is functional, beautiful, and able to bring a smile to someone's face.