FAQs & Shop Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find that cool soap I saw on your social media?

First, thanks so much for following my socials! Most of the content I post online is of the projects I'm working on *right now*, meaning you're seeing soaps that were sometimes made the same day as my posts, however, those soaps are not ready for sale until a minimum of 4-6 weeks after they've been made. Since I only make cold-processed soap from scratch, that 4-6 week cure time is crucial to ensuring that you as a customer receive the highest quality bar possible. 

What's cure time? Well, it's really a fancy word for drying time, but what it means in the real world is that the soap has the chance to become a harder, bubblier, milder, longer lasting, higher quality bar. Sure, I *could* sell my soaps while they're still very fresh, but the quality would suffer too much, and that just doesn't sit well with me!  
So, if you've recently seen something that you're just dying to get your hands on, there's a very good chance that it will become available for sale soon, just hang tight- it's worth the wait! 

What does Elysian Acres mean, and how is it pronounced? 

Elysian {pronounced ‘‘Ih-lee-zhuhn“} Acres is our farm name that we originally created for the purpose of raising sheep and selling honey, so it felt natural to me to use it for my soap business as well. We moved to our little slice of heaven on the Colorado plains in 2014 and fell so deeply in love with it that we named it after the Elysian Fields of classical mythology- the golden fields of paradise! 

Is your soap good for sensitive skin? 

All of my products are 100% scratch-made cold processed real soap, which means that they are free of any detergents, parabens, or phthalates, and they still contain naturally occurring glycerin. This allows my soap to cleanse gently without stripping your skin of its natural oils. 

My recipe is carefully crafted with loads of fresh goat milk and high quality oils & butters to keep your skin extra happy while the thick bubbly suds get you nice and clean. I also offer two varieties that are free of fragrances, which may have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. I encourage you to explore these options if you are in need of an extra gentle cleanser. 

If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 

As true soap, I am not permitted to make any claims that can be seen as medical in nature, to include that it will moisturize or treat any medical conditions. My products are real soap and they are only intended to cleanse. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Unfortunately I am not able to ship internationally. While I am extremely grateful for the interest I've received from my international followers, there are many regulations regarding the import of handmade soap in other countries. Since I'm not a lawyer, nor am I comfortable navigating the strict import policies without the guidance of a lawyer, I have decided to limit my shipping abilities to the United States only. 

Do you accept custom orders? 

At this time, No. While I hope to explore this option in the future, I currently have a very full plate as a wife, mom, farm caretaker, and business owner. Soapmaking is my creative outlet that allows me to blow off some steam while creating functional art, and as such I need to keep it simple without any added pressure for the sake of my mental health. I always love to hear your ideas if there's something you'd love to see me create, but I cannot make any promises that I'll have the time or ability to see them through. Thank you for your understanding that I'm just one person navigating this adventure that is business! 

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

Due to the nature of soap, I cannot accept refunds or exchanges. If there are any problems with your order, please reach out to me and I will do everything I can to correct the issue! 

I will gladly accept order cancellations *BEFORE* your items are shipped, so if you have an issue and want to cancel your order, please contact me as soon as possible! 

Shipping Policies

All orders will be shipped within 2 business days from the time of order. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items after the package leaves my possession