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Soapmaking Tools: 2-in-1 Soap Beveling Set for straight-edged bars

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Soapmakers, want to level-up your bars? Adding a beveled edge to your soap can add a gorgeous professional touch, in addition to making the bars feel more comfortable in your hands. 

This Beveling Set allows you to add a clean, consistent 4mm-wide edge to your soap bars every time. The 3d printed custom design ensures precise beveled edges with ease. This set is intended for use on straight-edged soap bars. If you're wanting to bevel your round soap bars, check out my Round Bar Beveler (sold separately). 

The set comes with one edge guide (choose from standard 113mm length or Extra long 138mm), and one 2-in-1 scraping tool. My unique scraper can be used to either create a crisp 45 degree diagonal edge when used on the flat side, or you can flip it over and use the rounded side to create a slightly concave edge that looks extra fancy for those special bars that deserve a more refined touch. 

To Use: Place the edge guide over the corner of your soap, with the raw soap edge visible through the 4mm opening.  Gently hold the guide in place while you scrape the exposed corner off with either the flat or rounded side of the 2-in-1 scraper. Take care to not press the edge guide into your soap bar too firmly, or it may leave indentations if your bar is still on the soft side. I recommend practicing on a sew scrap bars first in order to learn the best pressure and technique for your particular soap! 

This set is 3d-printed in PLA, which is a temperature sensitive plastic and it will begin to warp if heated above 150°F. They are NOT dishwasher safe and they should be hand washed in warm soapy water.

Beveling Set color may vary due to availability.