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Soapmaking Tools: Home Sweet Home Scraper & Stamp set - 70mm wide

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Create your own custom house soaps! 

The Home Sweet Home Scraper & Stamp Set is designed for those who want a fun and easy way to make uniquely designed soaps. With this set, you can create bars of soap in the shape of a house with a window and door, without any hassle. The soap scraper helps shape the entire loaf of soap into a rooftop quickly, and the accompanying stamp allows you to add a perfectly-placed door and window in seconds! 

This set is currently available in only one size option. The width of the scraper is 70mm, which perfectly fits one of the most commonly used molds on the market, the "purple molds" that measure 2.75"W x 10.25"L x3"H (70 x 260 x 76mm). The finished bars in this size weigh approximately 4.3oz (121g) when freshly cut at a width of 1". 


I recommend covering the surface of your cut soap with plastic wrap before stamping to ensure a clean and easy impression without any sticking. 

This set is 3d-printed in PLA, which is a temperature sensitive plastic and it will begin to warp if heated above 150°F. They are NOT dishwasher safe and they should be hand washed in warm soapy water.

Home Sweet Home Scraper & Stamp Set color may vary due to availability.

Sets will ship within 3 business days of your order!