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Soap Saver Bags

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**To redeem this month's promotional offer of 1 free Soap Saver Bag with your purchase of 3 or more soap bars, please add the Soap Saver to your cart. The cost will automatically be deducted when you add 3 bars of soap to your cart- No Code Necessary!**

Tired of wasting those precious last scraps of your favorite handcrafted soap because they're too small and slippery to hold and lather? Or maybe you keep dropping a full bar of slippery soap, but you're not ready to go to full soap-on-a-rope territory?
Soap Saver Bags are here!

These natural sisal bags are also great for boosting lather and giving your skin an  exfoliating (but gentle) scrub. 
Each sisal soap saver bag can hold a full size bar of my soap (or any bar up to 3" wide), or you can tuck your little slivers of soap in once they get too small to hold. Just tuck them in, lather up, then rinse after use and allow to hang dry in the shower using the attached drawstring hanging loop. Made from a blend of cotton and linen.

Size is approximately 3.5"w x 5.5" H