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Soapmaking Tools: Diamond & Triangle Disc Set Clay Extruder - Create your own 3D illusion soaps!

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This set includes 2 custom 3d-printed discs that can be used with a clay extruder (extruder is NOT included in this listing).

These discs are available in 3 sizes:
18mm (compatible with many extruders on the market, including the Makins extruder)

 **Please measure your extruder before ordering to ensure these discs will fit!**

These geometric shapes are equilateral, meaning each flat side is an equal length (8mm), which allows them to fit together seamlessly to create fun and unique 3D illusions. 
The set includes one triangle disc that produces an equilateral 8mm triangle, and one diamond disc, that produces an 8mm x 13.85mm diamond. 

These discs are printed from PLA, which is temperature sensitive and will begin to warp if heated above 150°F, so they are NOT dishwasher safe and they should be hand washed in warm soapy water. Actual disc color may vary due to availability. I offer free shipping on this item within the U.S. in a first class envelope.