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Soapmaking Tools: Silicone Impression Mats -NEW!-

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Turn your soap into ART with these reusable silicone impression mats! Designed specifically for soapmakers, each mat offers a unique detailing with either a honeycomb design, cozy sweater texture, or NEW Dinosaur Footprints. They're heat-safe, so you can pop them in the oven with your gelling soap with no worries. To clean, just give them a quick rinse with soapy water! Enjoy a professional, polished look on your soap bars EVERY time, with almost no effort! These mats make it easy to step up your soapmaking game - and totally impress your friends & customers ;)
Mats can be used with Cold Process, Hot Process, or Melt & Pour soap. 

Choose between two convenient sizes (18"x 3" and 12"x 3") and easily trim to the desired size with scissors or a razor blade to customize the mats to fit your specific soap mold. (Try trimming one down the center in a wavy pattern to create two separate mats!)

To use: Place the impression mat in the bottom or side walls of your soap mold before pouring wet soap on top. After the soap is firm enough to remove from the mold, the impression mat will peel off easily with no sticking. Alternatively, you can place the mat upside-down on top of your wet soap (just make sure the soap is at a nice medium-thick trace so it can support the mat's weight without sinking!). 

These mats are made to order, and may take up to one week to ship.